Boating Western Australia (Inc.)


Saturday 13 April, 2019

BWA (Boating Western Australia) welcomes Transport Minister Rita Saffioti’s announcement of a Swan River Speed Radar trial commencing in the lead up to Easter.

BWA, who proposed this initiative, has been working with the Department of Transport Marine Safety, State Member for Bicton Lisa O’Malley and Radar Sign Company Jenoptik to bring this to a reality.

Having seen the effectiveness of similar devices on local roads BWA contacted radar experts Jenoptik to enquire if the technology could be adapted to work over water and display knots instead of KPH. Having originally been told that it would not be possible, the company has worked with the international manufacturer’s to achieve what is believed to be a world first. An existing sign has been reprogrammed, successfully tested and is now to be installed as part of this trial.

If successful, the technology will be available to be deployed in many places around the world but importantly for Western Australia in locations such as the Swan River and in places such as the canals in Mandurah.

The site chosen for the placement of the radar trial is a navigation marker adjacent to the Swan Yacht Club where an 8 knot speed limit applies. Vessels and infrastructure at the club have been severely damaged in the past by the wake caused by speeding boats and this was seen as the logical location.

The sign itself will display the speed of the approaching vessel and if travelling at or below the speed limit show a smiling face if travelling over the limit up to 11 knots it will show a frowning face and above that speed a notice to slow down.

BWA President Colin Lockley states that “We at BWA are proud to be associated with this trial which will assist the responsible recreational boating community’s efforts to have a safe and enjoyable time on the water”

For further information or comment contact:

President               Colin Lockley     0419 422139

Vice President        Kim Wilkie         0407 513245