Boating Western Australia (Inc.)

Adams Coaches have considered their fare structure for the 2016/17 Season and delivered a belated Christmas present to all Boaters.”

Day travel around the Island will be set at $10 (a savings of $4 per ticket on the lowest fare), Concession passes will be considered – and BEST OF ALL – the SEASON PASS will drop to $80 per season, and that will make for budget travelling on the Island if you manage that well. Hotel Club Members (and many of the BoatingWA Team have already joined) can purchase the Season Pass for $70! Now that is making travel affordable!!! – concession cards again recognised!!!
Here is the BIG NEWS!! There will be 2 late buses at around 8.30pm and 9pm on a Friday and Saturday Night. Boaters in the western bays can come in take their partners into town for dinner or a drink – enjoy the evening – and still be able to get back to their boats that night. Finally Boaters can enjoy a little of the “Rotto Night Life” without having to take the risk of coming around in a tender! Great Initiative Adams! The Geordie Bay Bus remains complimentary (No Charge!) and for that we thank Adams Buses and the Rottnest Island Authority.

Not a bad SUMMER PACKAGE to augment our summer boating. Later buses, still have our Geordie Bus and lower cost across the board – Roll on summer!