Marine Boat Insurance

When you insure through Club Marine Insurance, please remember to notify Club Marine that you wish to have BoatingWA as your preferred broker on your policy prior to or at the time of your insurance renewal.

Nominate BoatingWA and receive two thirds of your associations commission.

That’s up to 10% back to you and this alone may even cover your membership!


If you have chosen BoatingWA as preferred broker to receive your Club Marine Rebate, we encourage you to provide your bank details.

From 1st of December Boating Western Australia provide Club Marine Rebates via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), which transfers payment directly into your bank account when you are due to receive your insurance rebate.

Why the change? Boating Western Australia similar to many other organisations have replaced cheque payments with EFT.

Benefits include:

● Secure payment method
● Quick and instantaneous payments
● Better transparency and tracking of transactions

What you need to do?: You will receive an email or letter in the post at the time of your Club Marine Rebate payment. Please be assured your bank details will be kept confidential and secure. (See privacy page on BWA website)

Already provided your information? Thank you, we have updated your account and you will now receive your future Club Marine rebates via EFT

Do you have any questions? Email or call on 08 9335 3296. For more information on EFT, please contact your local bank.