Boating Western Australia Inc. ABN: 54 351 799 424


The ultimate success of “BOATINGWA” is dependent on key issues-

      • Enthusiasm of members
      • Responsible participation
      • General input
      • Freedom to enjoy boating
      • Development of recreational boating in this state
      • Liaison with regulatory bodies and government
      • Promotion of recreational boating in Western Australia
      • Education of members and community in respect of boating safety skills and knowledge.
      • Affiliation between the Association and other marine organisations.
      • To foster social interaction between members of the association as well as with members of related organisations.
      • To act as a representative body in matters of interest to members.
      • To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the objects and exercise of the powers of the association.
      • BoatingWA is a non-profit, incorporated body.
      • BoatingWA was founded by boating people with boating interests
      • BoatingWA is the only boating association representing the broad range of recreational boating interests across the state.
      • BoatingWA represents the views of all recreational boating enthusiasts.
      • BoatingWA regularly makes submissions to relevant authorities and enquiries on a range of boating matters.
      • BoatingWA regularly questions bureaucratic decisions affecting recreational boating.
      • BoatingWA publishes its own quarterly newsletter.
      • BoatingWA fosters social interaction with members of other organisations.
      • BoatingWA encourages the development of appropriate facilities for recreational boating.
      • BoatingWA is here to represent your views to Government and regulatory bodies. 
    • In 1998 BoatingWA combined with BOAT (Boat Owners Association). BOAT Issue 1
    • In 2000 BoatingWA combined with RIMLA (Rottnest Island Mooring Licencees Association).
    • In 2002 we formed the Hillarys Penholders Association committee.
    • In 2004 Swan Yacht Club became our first “affiliate member” after a change to our constitution.
    • In 2005 our founding president won the inaugural Marine industry Award for “boatman of the year”.
    • In 2007 we employed our first staff member and opened a “shop front” office in South Fremantle (1 Capo D’Orlando Drive) The committee also man this office on Saturday mornings.
    • In 2008 we celebrated 10 years of serving the boating public of Western Australia.
    • In 2014, our committee is much stronger and our credentials are now accepted by the regulatory bodies.