Dept of Transport Media Releases

lookout2Please note that State laws have been updated from early March and the distances we refer to in regards to safe speed have altered from 45 to 50 meters.

At all times, an 8-knot speed limit applies when your vessel is within 50 meters of;

   • A moored vessel.
   • A person in the water.
   • A jetty or wharf.
   • A river bank or low water mark.

Additionally, skippers must drive a speed boat towing a skier/s engaged in the exercise of trick skiing so as not to approach within 100 metres of any landing or take-off areas, this was 90 metres.

The changes should make it easier for skippers to remember when they have to slow down and bring the distance that you must keep away from a Diver's Below flag to be the same as in other regulations.