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Renewal of mooring site licences, authorised user and annual admission permits

Dear Vessel Owner

Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) is please to advise that mooring site licence, authorised user and annual admission permits are now available for renewal.

Applicants have until 30 November 2021 to complete their renewal.

RIA thanks all boaties? for their patience as we progress towards the implementation of the new online system for Rottnest Island boating licences and permits.

The project to replace the current application and renewal process has been delayed to enable further development and testing of the system to ensure it can meet the needs of all users, particularly during peak periods. RIA has rescheduled implementation of the new system to the beginning of the 2022-2023 summer boating season.

An email will be sent to all current Mooring Site Licensees and Authorised Users with their renewal information. Please check the details and follow the steps to renew to conclusion. Once payment has been received a sticker will be printed and posted to your nominated address.

Should you not have received your renewal email, please send a request to

All the information on your sticker/s will be printed automatically. In some instances, customers will receive several stickers, which will be mailed individually.

To help with the transition to the new system in 2022-23, RIA have streamlined the renewal process for this season. If you have not changed your vessel/s we do not require you to submit any vessel paperwork with your 2021-2022 renewal application.

Ownership of your nominated vessels will be later verified with the Department of Transport, so if your ownership status does change, please ensure you promptly advise RIA Marine Administration at

Annual admission permit can be obtained and paid for by going to the RIA website at: [CLICK HERE]


Anybody wishing to make a new application, change their vessel details, or request replacement stickers can? apply for the waitlist using the appropriate form available from [CLICK HERE] (

Marine Admission Team