To All Boating Western Australia Members

Greetings everyone as the weather turns great for boating and we have turned the corner and headed for Christmas.

Rottnest, a swim in those azure waters, a cold drink at the hotel, and then back to the boat with friends – with perhaps a crayfish or two for nibbles.

The dream of many West Australians and WE GET TO LIVE IT !!

Our 2020 lockdown of Rottnest to undertake the Quarantining of potential COVID-19 – 19 sufferers worked effectively for the State of Western Australia, but it did considerably interfere with the enjoyment of Boaters to Rottnest. The cost was effectively 20% of our available Lease Period for our moorings, and access to the Island.

A series of letters from Boating Western Australia have now passed to the Premier (Mr McGowan), the Minister for Tourism; Racing and Gaming; Small Business; Defence Issues; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests (Mr Papalia), the Rottnest Island Board, and the Rottnest Island Authority.

The last reply from Minister Papalia gave us some reason to be hopeful that consideration is definitely being given to a rebate to mooring holders for the period lost to the quarantining effort.

Boating Western Australia posted our latest letter to the Minister to thank him for his consideration and to affirm that as yet, little has been communicated to us that boaters/mooring holders will in fact receive a consideration in this or future rentals.


CLICK HERE to see the attached letters.

Boating Western Australia believe that our concerns and request for consideration have been seriously considered and we strongly hope that the Office of the Minister for Tourism; Racing and Gaming; Small Business; Defence Issues; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests, will reply positively to all the boaters of Western Australia. We do not seek a “handout” – we seek recognition and restitution for what was taken from the boaters of Western Australia without consultation. Nothing more than that!

Legislation for the COVID-19 Emergency went through on the 12th of August 2020, and this will enable the Government to effect refund/rebate/concession to boaters – something that had not been possible earlier. So, the Government seemed that it was working towards a process of resolution.

The mechanics of Government work slowly – but we believe that we have presented the case for boaters at Rottnest fairly and firmly to the Government of the day – and we will immediately let all boaters know when we receive a reply. Keep the faith!


Boating Western Australia did warn everyone that the lease procedures would be tighter this year – essentially only one notification and you “needed to grab that” if you were intending to keep your mooring. Everything else would sort itself out in the future.

The Rottnest Island Authority were good in that they put out emails and SMS messages to warn of the forthcoming letter – and yet still some boaters failed to get their documentation ready.

Quite a few so we hear.

We are hopeful that Rottnest Island Authority will be “taken back” by the number of those still outstanding and make a “FINAL OFFER” for you to pay your mooring and submit your papers.

Be ready – BoatingWA will ask that his final concession be afforded to you. Don’t leave this task to anyone else – it needs your attention .

Back to you all as soon as we have further information

Safe Boating

Colin Lockley
Boating Western Australia