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BoatingWA representing all recreational boaters in Western Australia

Boating Western Australia (BWA) is a non-profit association, established for the promotion and development of safe, economic and enjoyable recreational boating throughout Western Australia.

It was established by ordinary boaters to assist with the needs of those interested in boating so that they may have a central body to represent them in matters of common interest, social contact and the broadening of further knowledge about boating and associated issues.
BoatingWA is committed to represent your views.

Membership is available to all those who enjoy recreational boating.

The Swan Yacht ClubBunbury Yacht Club and Fremantle Sailing Club are affiliate member clubs.


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Education fails – Regulation prevails !!

With the mayhem that has occurred in the last couple of years with Boating and Alcohol – it had to happen.

Attached is the Ministers Future Plan for us – and in some senses it is sad that we had to have this prescribed for us. The Government had to provide a law, a mechanism to stop some Boaters from putting themselves and others in jeopardy.

It certainly wont stop those with a modicum of common sense from enjoying their boat and a drink with friends. It just means they will have to think about that 2nd (sober skipper) or staying a little longer on anchor before they put themselves and others at risk.

Our belief at Boating WA is that there was essentially no other choice – this decision was in the wind.

So we are still able to celebrate living in this beautiful place and being lucky enough to be out on the water with friends. We just have to now know our limits and not put ourselves or others at risk.

Enjoy – but be careful and be safe

Colin Lockley
Boating Western Australia (Inc.)

On-water drug and alcohol testing to be introduced in WA
    • New on-water drug and alcohol testing laws introduced to State Parliament
    • Laws mirror the State’s road laws for drug and alcohol testing
    • Safety initiative to deliver consistent message to skippers and drivers

Read  the Government: [Media Release] in PDF


BOATINGWA Member Benefits

Did you know that as a BoatingWA membership you can purchase the latest Crewfit self-inflating, slim fitting style lifejacket at a discounted price of $95*


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*Crewfit Sport 165 – Manual – Non Harness


Recreational vessel safety equipment requirements have changed

Following a five-year review of safety equipment requirements in WA, stronger, simpler laws are being introduced to keep people safe on the water.


[DOWNLOAD Safety Equipment Requirements] (in PDF)


New FishCatchWA™ tool is here!

FishCatchWA™ tool can be used to record your demersal catch in the West Coast bioregion.

The West Coast demersal season reopens on 16 December, and to record your catch we’ve launched the FishCatchWA™ tool on the ServiceWA app!

The new digital reporting tool is voluntary, and is only for recording key demersal scalefish species including pink snapper, WA dhufish, baldchin groper and breaksea cod caught within the West Coast bioregion. FishCatchWA™ was tested with fisher focus groups (including Recfishwest) to ensure it is simple and easy for recfishers to record their demersal catch. ​

Recording your demersal catch helps support the recovery of fish stocks. Download the tool today!





Recfishwest is a community organisation that strives for sustainable, accessible, enjoyable and safe fishing for all West Australians and we pride ourselves on delivering these to all West Aussies in a credible, transparent and respected manner.



Recreational boat owners invited to share moorings

(Released July 4th 2022)

The State’s 100,000 registered recreational boat owners can now apply to be part of the new Shared Use Mooring System (SUMS) which offers casual, short-term access to moorings in some of the best boating locations in WA.  [READMORE]

Shared Use Mooring Systems (SUMS) [CLICK HERE]

YouTube video on how to attach your vessel to a shared mooring


Could it be any better?

BoatingWA has established a regular meeting with Rottnest Island CEO to investigate issues and facilities.

To make Rottnest more enjoyable for boaters

We want your concerns to discuss and resolve with the Rottnest Island Authority

To put forward your suggestion to bring your issues to notice email:


Rottnest Island


Here are some simple rules to follow ensure the protection of the mooring apparatus for all of us to enjoy. “Treat it as if you owned it”. They are: if you’re part of the Shared Mooring System (SMS), then use only moorings with in your colour code disc to avoid undue stress on the mooring, even if you are only going to be ‘5 minutes’. Clearly display your name and contact number on the port side of your vessel and ensure that you are available on your mobile – should the Owner arrive. Never attach stern first.

Use both pickup lines at all times. Secure your tenders and any additional vessels alongside. Report any mooring damage to the rangers immediately. [READMORE]

Garden Island

Welcome to Garden Island Brochure[DOWNLOAD]

Garden Island (HMAS Stirling) is controlled by the Dept. of Defence, there is limited public access from sunrise to sunset to the island. The downloadable brochure gives the environmental guidelines for visitors to Garden Island.

Because Garden Island is an A-class reserve, the Navy has prohibited pets from Naval waters resulting in that they are not permitted within 500 metres of the island including Herring and Pig Trough Bays.

The moorings in Pig Trough and Herring Bays are not public moorings are are controlled by the Garden Island Fishing and Aquatic Association (Inc.). [READMORE]

We would like to share some very exciting news and give you a heads up on the latest Maritime safety initiative. The Department of Transport Maritime and the popular Deckee boating app have been working in collaboration to bring specific boating information to WA water users. We are pleased to advise you that DOT has just launched a WA recreational boating app – [Deckee]. (For iOS and Android)

More information about “Incident Reporting” can be found on the following link [DOWNLOAD] (mp4.file)

The app provides skippers with information to plan a safe day on the water including local information, trip logging, weather, navigation aids and official alerts and notices:  [MORE INFO]


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an enormous range of goods.