Boating Western Australia (BWA) is a non-profit association, established for the promotion and development of safe, economic and enjoyable recreational boating throughout Western Australia.

It was established by ordinary boaters to assist with the needs of those interested in boating so that they may have a central body to represent them in matters of common interest, social contact and the broadening of further knowledge about boating and associated issues.

BoatingWA is committed to represent your views.

Membership is available to all those who enjoy recreational boating.

The Swan Yacht Club, Bunbury Yacht Club and Fremantle Sailing Club are affiliate member clubs.

To All Boating Western Australia Members

Greetings everyone as the weather turns great for boating and we have turned the corner and headed for Christmas.

Rottnest, a swim in those azure waters, a cold drink at the hotel, and then back to the boat with friends – with perhaps a crayfish or two for nibbles.

The dream of many West Australians and WE GET TO LIVE IT !!

Our 2020 lockdown of Rottnest to undertake the Quarantining of potential COVID-19 – 19 sufferers worked effectively for the State of Western Australia, but it did considerably interfere with the enjoyment of Boaters to Rottnest. The cost was effectively 20% of our available Lease Period for our moorings, and access to the Island.

A series of letters from Boating Western Australia have now passed to the Premier (Mr McGowan), the Minister for Tourism; Racing and Gaming; Small Business; Defence Issues; Citizenship and Multicultural Interests (Mr Papalia), the Rottnest Island Board, and the Rottnest Island Authority…………. [READMORE]

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Rottnest from Fremantle


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Could it be any better?

BoatingWA has established a regular meeting with Rottnest CEO Michelle Reynolds to investigate issues and facilities.

To make Rottnest more enjoyable for boaters

We want your concerns to discuss and resolve with the Rottnest Island Authority

To put forward your suggestion to bring your isues to notice, click on the suggestion box

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Rottnest Island


Here are some simple rules to follow ensure the protection of the mooring apparatus for all of us to enjoy. “Treat it as if you owned it”. They are: if you’re part of the Shared Mooring System (SMS), then use only moorings with in your colour code disc to avoid undue stress on the mooring, even if you are only going to be ‘5 minutes’. Clearly display your name and contact number on the port side of your vessel and ensure that you are available on your mobile – should the Owner arrive. Never attach stern first.

Use both pickup lines at all times. Secure your tenders and any additional vessels alongside. Report any mooring damage to the rangers immediately.

Garden Island

Welcome to Garden Island BrochureDOWNLOAD

Garden Island (HMAS Stirling) is controlled by the Dept. of Defence, there is limited public access from sunrise to sunset to the island. The downloadable brochure gives the environmental guidelines for visitors to Garden Island.

The moorings in Pig Trough and Herring Bays are not public moorings are are controlled by the Garden Island Fishing and Aquatic Association (Inc.).  


Boat safety blitz to target flares

The need to carry in-date flares when boating in open waters will be highlighted as part of a focus on safety at boat ramps to coincide with the start of summer.

Department of Transport (DoT) Marine Officers will lead two weekend-long campaigns targeting metropolitan boat ramps north and south of the river where all vessels are safety checked before they launch.


The Department of Transport (DoT) recently invited comment from you on options for the future marking of the existing Phillip Rock Port Marker.

All submissions have now been assessed by DoT and the recommendation is to replace this marker with a new (Sectored) Port Lateral Marker as shown in the attached plan.

This marker will be a driven (in-water) steel pile with access ladder, the light will be sectored and have a range of 6 nautical miles, matching the light range of the adjacent Starboard Lateral Marker at Transit Reef.

Thank you once again for your valuable input, if you have any further question please contact navigational safety at


Rottnest Island

Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)  Drones

The use of Drones is not permitted on  Rottnest